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Hi everyone!

I’ve noticed that lately we’ve had a sudden influx of new followers. Hi! Welcome!

So, it’s been pretty inactive around here, so let’s try to get the ball rolling again! Two wee things:

  1. This is a meme blog. It’s for fun and ranting and super-awesome jokesies. What this blog is not is an advice blog. I have provided advice or left the floor open in the past, but in the end that was all I was getting and the blog sort of lost its purpose. So! Memes! Yes! Excellent!
  2. Please submit the meme as an image. Click the link provided that takes you to the meme generator, make yourself a pretty meme, and submit it my way! I’ll post it or queue it when I receive it!

Thanks so much for following, guys! Any questons, fire them my way, and other than that… have fun!

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Anonymous asked: Hey! I was thinking to apply to an art high school with a creative writing course-I think it's one of the very best in the US. Do you think intensively learning creative writing in high school (and paying a huge sum of money for it) will pay off in the future, even though your goal is not to be a writer (actually a journalist.)??

Personally, I took the course because I love writing and wanted to be better at it, but had no illusions that I’d ever make a career of it (I work in finance now lol!). Things are different in America though, I think. Honestly? Do what you love. If you love writing, just do it.

Of course, that’s just me, and I wouldn’t say I’m the most practical person in the world. What do you think, fellow cranes?

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Stumped for postgrad ideas.

So I found a creative writing postgrad, that I could potentially apply for next year, at the University of Edinburgh. I know it’s the right course for me (despite it being a year of postgrad), since I’m currently studying Marketing as an undergrad. But studying marketing for 2 years now, I have to admit, it doesn’t feel completely right for me… nor do I find it completely enjoyable. But once I found this creative writing course that I could apply for, I squealed (and nearly fainted!), as I soon realise that not everything is lost. I could still study a course that I do have a passion for, since I was little. 

(Mind you, I chose marketing since it was the only decent course that my parents approved of, a sad fact.)

It’s my backup course for future postgrad options, the other options are film production/screenwriting in other universities. (Namely, Bristol uni or Aalto uni (finland)). The main passion for me is writing/film (so possibly, a screenwriter?), and I do enjoy writing a lot. (A little too much…)

Should I go for it? Should I apply to this creative writing course (and other film courses I mentioned)? 

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asyourun-deactivated20140316 asked: Yo pigeon man I was just wondering if you please promote a writing contest at a blog called katie-winchester . I would freaking hug you if you did and I know you want a hug.

You’re right. I DO want a hug. GO DO THIS CONTEST OK


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gogopogo asked: For Writer's Block: I always find that having a change of scenery often helps when I'm stuck on something. If I've been sitting at my desk for too long, I take my laptop and go to a different room or outdoors. If necessary, I take a short drive somewhere quiet or take a walk for a little bit. I know it takes me some effort to focus as my mind is all over the place, I find that drinking tea (decaffeinated or green) works wonders and calms me down.

Green tea is a great way to settle and focus!

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birdonaleash asked: Cures for writer's block: My teachers in college said if you couldn't think of anything to write, lower your standards. Don't worry about punctuation, or if it's any good--fix it later. Just take the first thing that comes to mind and go with it. On that subject, automatic writing is also good. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Go. Write about anything--Breakfast, the weather, your cat. See where it takes you. Don't stop. These worked well for me. Best of luck!

This is actually great advice and it’s worked for me in the past. Thanks for getting in touch!

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wishfulcynic asked: In my experience, one of the biggest things that keeps people from writing creatively is just that. Opening a word document and sitting there, staring, wondering how to begin. To be honest, I never start at the beginning, I either come up with a random idea that grows into a story or a scene that I write in stream of consciousness. Once you get a bunch of those, you can assemble them into a story.

Great advise! What do you think, Cranes?

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thecreativemind-anewoutlook asked: So I take as many Lit and English courses that I can in college and am often told that my writing will get me far and this and that, but the more I sit at an open word document, nothing comes to mind. I may start with a paragraph and then get stuck. It seems that I have to have a prompt to do anything major. Any advice about this?

All advice welcome, Cranes!

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Anonymous asked: Thank you so much! Do you maybe have any useful links about literary fiction? I feel like that's not something I've written before that sounds all serious and kinda intimidating unu

I don’t personally like the concept of literary fiction and the meaning of the term (it smacks of snobbishness to me, but to each their own), but it’s sadly what seems to get taken seriously at university level. When it comes to story writing I’ve found this site useful.

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Anonymous asked: I'm thinking about majoring in creative writing in college. I'm ending my junior year in highschool, so I'm preparing for applications and whatnot next year, but the program at the school I want to go to is pretty selective, so I'm a little nervous. I have to submit 2-3 short stories or excerpts for my portfolio. From your experience/knowledge, should I stay away from certain genres for my pieces? Like would writing fantasy look too immature? I'm just not sure what I should be writing for this!

Stay away from genre writing altogether. For some reason, universities seem to hate genre writing. Literary fiction is the way to go if you want to get their attention. It sucks and it’s unfair, but that’s your best bet, sadly. :(